Here we go!

I had to start this blog now otherwise i would have postponed it more and more and more and maybe eternally… i suppose you know how this kind of attitude goes on!!!

I am Alex, i’m italian, i’m a yoga teacher… already 3 labels on me, more to come!
This blog is about yoga or, in a simple street language, it’s about feeling good with your body, with your mind, with yourself.
When i say feeling good i mean feeling GOOD… that’s “slightly” different from the “goodness” you get lying on your couch watching your TV after eating a big yummy plate of roasted pork with goose fat roasted chips and beer/coke! Yes, that is good, at least sometimes… but is it a sustainable goodness!??

I live in London, so this blog will be in english, probably i will add an italian version… main reason is that my italian is much better than my english ahahah. Obviously this blog is meant as well to support my job!!!

As beginning step i need to honour and thank all the flow of events and people that brought me now here, all my teachers (my students are in this group!), my lineage and myself!